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Project Description
Designed by Oliver Hine to enable all the capabilities inside DotNetNuke® Community Edition. It first started with adding the additional permissions, and then included what was missing to enable the advanced content approval workflow in the Text/HTML module.

Installation is handled like any other extension in DotNetNuke® 5.x, just install the install zip with the Host > Extensions > Install Extension Wizard. I even created a video showing the initial installation and basic usage of the enhancements, which compared to the actual development time of these enhancements it too quite a bit longer to produce the single video demonstration.

Information on the new permissions added into the Page, Module and File System sections of DotNetNuke®, along with additional docs on the advanced workflow Content Approval features can be found in the wiki.

If you notice something is missing, please feel free to join us today. We would appreciate any assistance from the community on continuing to enhance the DotNetNuke® platform.

Project Mission
We always publish the source code before every release. We love open source software and enjoy working with other developers across the world. Exchanging knowledge, building a team, and enhancing DotNetNuke® throughout the entire process is our primary goal.

Project Feedback
If you have a question or run into a problem please use the Discussions and Issue Tracker tabs at the top of the page

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