DNN 6?

Apr 13, 2012 at 6:21 PM

I am very interested in getting this to work with DNN 6.1.4 (having a separate content approver would be a big win). When I installed this on my test server, I can't make any content changes at all, no matter how I set the permissions. Even as the SuperUser, when I try to save the new content, nothing happens. It's as if it can't update the HtmlText table with the update (I only know this because I've been skulking around the internals of the database trying to track down the issue).

Initially, I followed the video instructions, setting up a user with the Approver role, and giving that role Edit Content permissions (along with Registered Users). But when I tried to edit the content, updates never get saved. I tried with and without the "Publish On Save" checkbox checked, and as a number of different users.

I can't seem to track down the actual workflow logic anywhere, so I'm stumped. Has anyone gotten this to work in 6.1.x?